From Dark Pantheons


The Death Metal band AGIEL was founded in 1997 by its principle member James Taylor as a musical expression of occult philosophy and ritual magic. Their style has been described as Blackened Death; including black metal elements such as orchestral arrangements and enigmatic vocal passages as well as death metal styled guitar riffs and extremely technical drumming.

Their first album was the 1999 full length album titled The Works of War. This release established their unique style which was a synthesis of black metal and death metal elements. In 2001 they started working on a demo titled Hymnos ex Maledicus Gemini, which would later become the 2002 release Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign; published through Unique Leader Records.

After touring in support of this release they completed work on an unpublished album entitled Kuthula, which was later adapted for their 2003 release, Aeon. In 2005 a small collection of songs was released under the title Vessatu which was a reprise to the earlier Kuthula work. In 2007 the group decided to let band rest for an extended period.

In December 2012 the group reemerged with the current lineup and began working on their latest release Dark Pantheons; released through Deepsend Records. AGIEL continues to perform in support of their current release with plans for additional material to be released in 2014 and a new full length album in production for 2015.